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Millions raised by the Miami Yacht Show helps build up local economy, event VP says

The Miami Yacht Show draws in about $486 million for the state’s economy each year, according to a recent study.

Study shows Miami Yacht Show brings $486 million to Florida each year

The annual event draws in nearly 30,000 visitors who spend over $200 a day during the show.

FPL customers to receive about $28 million in refunds in August

Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL) customers will be refunded $28 million plus interest in August, settling a dispute between the utility and the state over costs to restore power after Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Sears announces more store closures affecting Florida

Sears will close three more stores this fall in Florida, according to a recent company announcement.

5 Sears stores set to close in Florida

Sears will close five stores in Florida this summer, according to reports.

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